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Client Services

Neuse Enterprises, Inc. provides it’s services by contracting with Lenoir County Mental Health and Wilson-Greene Mental Health to serve citizens with developmental disabilities who need opportunities for vocational and educational training. Neuse Enterprises, Inc. provides work opportunities for individuals who are not able to work in a competitive work environment.

The services offered by Neuse Enterprises, Inc. include both vocational and educational training. Educational training focuses on independent living skills and Compensatory Education. Vocational training identifies the individual needs for successful employment placement and works to achieve competencies in these areas.

Our Programs

Adult Development Vocational Program

Day Support is a program that offers an Innovations waiver participant a day program. Day Support services assist members with acquisition, retention, or improvement in self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills. Day Support services are offered five (5) days a week for up to six (6) hours per day. Our Day Support staff provides one on one services with our qualified consumers at Neuse Enterprises, Inc. in Kinston, NC and Omega Enterprises Inc. in Wallace, NC.

The Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) program at Neuse Enterprises, Inc. offer individuals with severe persistent mental illness a day program to attend. Our program provides skill development activities, educational services, prevocational training, and transitional/supported employment. We offer these services five (5) days a week for up to six (6) hours per day. Skills are taught in a group setting with each individual brining their own unique talents and experiences.

Neuse Enterprises, Inc. provides Long Term Support to individuals that complete the Supportive Employment program by achieving individual employment in the community. Our program provides individuals with one on one case planning and monitoring on the jobsite. The Long Term Support Coordinator assists in the education of families and agencies working with the individuals to assure cooperation and continuance of services as they remain employed. Other services provided include individual training in areas of social behaviors, education, and vocations guidance and specific training as needed.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Supported Employment Services are designed to help individuals with disabilities find and obtain a job that meet their needs. Through training in a regular integrated employment setting, it is intended for the individual to maintain paid employment within a competitive setting.

Work Adjustment is a program co-sponsored at Neuse Enterprises, Inc. by Vocational Rehabilitation. An individual will be referred to NEI where his/her work skills and ethics will be monitored. Program lengths varies and is based on the needs of the individual. At completion of the training the individual will be ready for competitive work placement. Work Adjustment is a transitional, time-limited systematic training program which utilizes real and/or simulated work to assist individuals toward achieving their optimal level of vocational development and functioning. The program is to assist the individual with understanding the meaning, value and demands of work; to reestablish skills, attitudes, personal characteristics and work related behaviors; and to develop functional capacities consistent with normal work requirements. The services offered are customized to meet the individual’s needs.

The following areas are addressed for each client served in the program, as appropriate:

  • Physical Capacities
  • Psychomotor Skills
  • Interpersonal and Communicative Skills
  • Work Behaviors
  • Job Seeking Skills
  • Work Performance Skills
  • Work-Related Functional Living Skills

The above items, as individually applicable, are identified on the Work Adjustment Plan and become the individual’s program for achieving employment and independence.

The following methods are used singularly or in combination to remove an individual’s “barriers to employment”:

  • Instruction
  • Job Training
  • Behavior Changes/Modifications
  • Referral to Other Resources

From the time the client enrolls for facility services, everyone should be aware of the goal of placement and committed to achieving an appropriately placed individual. An appropriate “job match” is critical to the individual’s success.

The length of time that a individual stays in vocational evaluation and/or work adjustment is based on the individual’s needs which are consistent with his/her individual program goals. Work Adjustment goals are to be addressed at each staffing and the individual’s plan should be amended as appropriate. Discharge planning is systematic, individualized and be considered in all phases of services.


Neuse Enterprises, Inc. has been successful in providing transportation to those that attend the facility but have a hardship in getting to the program. Our small fleet is comprised of seven vans, three at our Head Quarters and three servicing our Omega facility in Wallace. Our vans are functional models with regular maintenance programs. Currently there are three day routes serving individuals throughout Lenoir County.  All routes are reviewed frequently in efforts to ensure passengers are served in a manner meeting the state guidelines. This service has planned routes for the individuals in need of the service. A monthly fee is charged for this service. When the rider begins the transportation service a handbook is given that explains transportation policies. All riders will be responsible for following transportation and safety regulations. Transportation services are offered to eligible individuals as a privilege and not guaranteed. Neuse Enterprises does not offer transportation to individuals residing in residential programs.

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