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About Neuse Enterprises Inc.

Neuse Enterprises Inc. was organized for the purpose of providing personnel, services and facilities to deliver a program of rehabilitation for developmentally disabled workers. The organizations also provides such individuals with remunerative employment or occupational rehabilitation activities of an educational or therapeutic nature. These services are designed to provide vocational services for developmentally disabled clients, whose physical or mental impairment substantially limits their capacity to be productive.

Neuse Enterprises Inc. is a private, non-profit organization offering planned vocational rehabilitation programs for the developmentally, emotionally, and/or physically disabled adult who cannot at present function in competitive employment in the community. The facility provides a screening/evaluation program, a work training program, and assist in placement for consumers so that they may become self-sustaining individuals.

It is estimated that many of the consumers can be trained to a level at which they can be placed in full-time competitive employment in local plants and businesses. However, many of the consumers who enter the facility will not be able to progress to this level, due to the severity of their delay. It is the goal of the facility to help these individuals develop to their maximum potential, but it is also recognized that these consumers will probably function best in less demanding conditions of a sheltered environment.

It is important to staff members to recognize the dual purpose of the facility, which includes:

  1. To serve as training and placement facility for those individuals who are capable of developing to a level at which they can seek regular, competitive employment.
  2. To provide those individuals with a more severe handicap a working environment in order that they too can develop to their full potential.

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Meet Our Team

Leon Deans

Executive Director

Leon is a native of Lenoir County and a graduate from Campbell University with a Bachelor Degree in History. He has been at Neuse Enterprises, Inc. since 1993 working as Production Coordinator. In 2011, Leon was promoted to Executive Director.

Pamela Muller

Operations Manager

Pam is a native of Duplin County.  She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Business from the University of Phoenix at the age of 55 so that she could grow and benefit Neuse in the future.  Pam joined Neuse Enterprise in March 2015 bringing over 25 years of management experience in a variety of business related occupations.

Ann Davis

Human Resources Manager/ Barnet Coordinator

Ann is native of Johnson County but now lives in Greenville, NC. She began her career with Neuse Enterprises Inc. in 1998. Her hard work and dedication has resulted in her being promoted through the years to Human Resources Manager and the Coordinator for the Barnet Company.

Geraldine Brinson-Moore

Omega Site Mental Health Coordinator

Geraldine is a native of Duplin County and resides in Warsaw, NC. She obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education from Fayetteville State University. Geraldine has over 20 years’ experience working with adults with special needs. She has been with Neuse Enterprises, Inc. since 2005.

Mark Wilson

Work Supervisor

Mark was a military dependent moving around with his father’s Coast Guard career but has made Lenoir County his home since 1999. He began his career at Neuse Enterprises as a Job Coach but told the Production Coordinator he wanted his job. After several advancements, he began as Production Coordinator in 2011.

Tina Jones

Omega Site Director

Tina is a native of Duplin County and currently resides in Kenansville, NC. She graduated from James Kean High School with honors and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. Tina has over 27 years’ experience in the mental health/developmental disabilities/substance abuse field.

J’Ronrico Stanley

Vocational Rehabilitation/ Work Adjustment Coordinator

J’Ronrico is a native of Maryland / Washington D.C., relocated to North Carolina in 2011. J’Ronrico obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Supply Chain Management / Operation Analysis from FSU/ DeVry University. J’Ronrico has over 22 years of managerial experience, and 14 years’ experience working in healthcare.

Anna Jernigan

Mental Health Coordinator

Anna is a native and still resides in Lenoir County. She is a graduate of East Carolina University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. She began her career with Neuse Enterprises Inc. in 2010 bringing with her 19 years’ experience in the Mental Health and Developmental Disability field.

Our Board Of Directors


Gerald Roberson

Jimette Graham

Rebekah Stark

W.A. (AI) Gold

Anthony King

Debbie Lancaster

Sarone Cannon

Judy Ellis

Bill Farrow

Donald Joyner

Hattie Strickland

Donna Wilfong




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