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Supported Employment

Supported Employment Services are designed to help individuals with disabilities find and obtain a job that meet their needs. Through training in a regular integrated employment setting, it is intended for the individual to maintain paid employment within a competitive setting.

Neuse Enterprises has established programs to assist individuals with severe developmental disabilities in securing competitive employment. Presently, we do these through an employment model called the Individual Model.

The Individual Model provides individuals with on-the-job training and ongoing support in a community employment setting. The Individual Model features a job coach helping the individual find the job and works to help maintain the employment. The Individual program is jointly sponsored by Neuse Enterprises, Inc. and Vocational Rehabilitation Department of Human Resources.

Under our Supported Employment Program, emphasis is placed on competitive employment. This involves training both at our facility and in host companies. We believe that our workers deserve the opportunity to be self sufficient and as productive as possible. In an effort to reach this goal, our main product is highly trained workers who are eager work and who are dependable.

If you have any questions about our program please contact our Supported Employment Coordinator.

If you would like to find out more information concerning Supported Employment in general please check out the APSE website.