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preparation for washing(Adult Development Vocational Program)

Neuse Enterprises, Inc. provides this service by contracting with Lenoir County Mental Health and Wilson-Greene Mental Health to serve citizens with developmental disabilities who need opportunities for vocational and educational training. Neuse Enterprises, Inc. provides work opportunities for individuals who are not able to work in a competitive work environment. The ADVP Program offers the opportunity for development of appropriate work skills and social skills in vocational settings. Progress is documented on a monthly and quarterly basis. Service planning is conducted on an annual schedule with input from appropriate resources. We have an on-site workshop where individuals work on contracts obtained by Sub-Contracting.


The services offered by Neuse Enterprises, Inc. include both vocational and educational training. Educational training focuses on independent living skills and Compensatory Education. Vocational training identifies the individual needs for successful employment placement and works to achieve competencies in these areas.

If you have questions about the ADVP program please contact Anna Jernigan.

Anna Jernigan

Anna Jernigan

Mental Health Coordinator

(252) 523-0817